After the bank holiday

Got a number of jobs sorted on the snagging this this weekend.

Undersealed the body with silicon grout – Horrible job and smelly too but Jane seemed to enjoy it!

IMG_0119 (Large)

Sorted out the wiring on the fog lamp

Measured and order the correct hose clip sizes and changed some of those that were leaking. Nice not to keep topping the car up with water. All seals are now dry.

Put correct pressure in the tyres

Rerouted an electrical cable that was contacting the exhaust

Set up the ride height to reduce the chances of bottoming out the suspension. Still more work required to try and avoid the outside of the wheel contacting the body though. We might have to go for smaller tyres if we can’t grind away enough of the body work. You can see the amount of travel still available to the shock when the body is impacted.

IMAG0172 (Large) IMAG0171 (Large)

Here is the car now. It certainly is looking good.IMG_0124 (Large) IMG_0127 (Large)


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Taking delivery of the car – April 2015

The cars now back. Day of mixed emotions as it lasted less than 2 minutes before failing on the driveway.

Long story short – The new 15 inch wheels and tyres fitted by GD were much bigger than the build wheels that I’d been using to date. As a result the rear tyres were touching the inside of wheel arches whilst the front tyres took a chunk out of the right wing as soon as I turned the steering wheel – Very Annnoyed. Another problem that we’ll have to sort out…..

Anyway car is looking good and once we manage to sort out the wheel clearances we should be ready to roll.

Car being unloaded – You can see how tight the rear wheels are to the body – In the end this got stuck on the driveway and I spent an hour jacking the car up in order to increase the ride height – Good job it wasn’t raining.

IMG_3143 (Large)

Here is the damage to the wing


IMG_3149 (Large) IMG_3153 (Large)

IMG_3158 (Large)

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IVA Date and it PASSED!!!!!!!!!

Wow – What a sense of achievement. Less than 4 years after deciding to build one of these it’s passed it’s IVA. I wasn’t at the test centre but Andy submitted it on my behalf. Despite a potential disaster where the fuel fixing came off the engine the car seemed to sail through. On the fuel line issue it was just that I hadn’t pushed this on to get the secondary latch to connect (apparently it takes a real good push!). Good job that it didn’t catch fire though because this would have been a very different post if that had happened!.

Only 2 advisory’s at the test:

Suggesting that the battery cable is routed slightly differently to avoid the hot part of the engine (realatively small fix).

Suggested that some of the hose clips were changed for the correct sizes as some of these were not sealing properly and causing coolant to drip (slightly bigger job but relatively straight forwards).

Car is due back tomorrow and I’ll paste up some pictures when it arrives. There are still some jobs to do on the car to get it ready for touring but the end is now in sight. Key jobs before we get the reg. plate are:

  • Finish covering the underbody with liquid rubber
  • Refit the windscreen as the legs are slightly bowed out
  • Refit the hose clips as above
  • Reroute the electrical power cable

We can then embark on final fit out which will include:

  • Fitting the hood
  • Fitting the wind wings, sun visors and side screens
  • Fitting metal roll bar covers
  • Fitting the stone guards on rear wheel arch
  • Fitting the boot carpet
  • A whole load of other bits of smartening up (stainless door end covers and engine covers)
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April – Update

Car is now up with Gardner Douglas for some final fettling: (Fitting the roll bars, bleeding the clutch, getting the left door to shut correctly, checking the emissions, and just generally making sure that it was good to go for IVA):

In the end I went up to GD to help out with a few things (painting the underside of the wheel arch, bleeding the clutch andchecking over the car). Now looking very good with the roll bars fixed.  You can see in the picture some of the ridiculous mods that are required to get the car through IVA (those red lower back rests really don’t do it for me).

IMG_3087 (Large) IMG_3088 (Large)

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March Update

This is it – The month when the car needs to be finished if we are going to get IVA before the summer.

Took the car to the garage at the bottom of the road so that we could use their vehicle lift. Key jobs to be completed there were (Bleeding the clutch, Bleeding the brakes, Fitting the exhaust, fitting the gearbox wiring, Fitting the propshaft).

IMAG0098 (Large)IMAG0101 (Large)We got most of the work done (despite a real problem with bleeding the brakes)

IMG_2821 (Large) IMG_2820 (Large) IMAG0106 (Large) IMAG0102 (Large) IMAG0108 (Large)

The one job that we couldn’t do was bleeding the clutch because the fixing pin was missing. In the end the only way we could get hold of this was through ordering a whole new slave cylinder from the states (annoying!).

IMAG0113 (Large)

Fixing the door cards

IMG_2832 (Large)

Fixing the handbrake gator

IMG_2834 (Large)

Fitting the speaker and grill into the car (I’m thinking that it actually looks pretty good!) – I am sure that the purests will object but I don’t really care. The speaker is actually connected to a Bluetooth automotive system that allows me to stream tracks from my phone (so no unsightly head unit). It was another of those items that needed to be shipped from USA though – This time from

IMG_2849 (Large) IMG_2856 (Large)

And then the key moment (getting the car collected for carriage to GD for some final finishing touches and IVA prep)

IMAG0128 (Large) IMAG0130 (Large) IMAG0133 (Large)


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February update

Key activities this month have included:

Fitting the gator onto the gear stick.

IMAG0075IMAG0081 (Large)Finally fitting the dash undertraysIMG_2785 (Large)Fitting out the dashboard (last time hopefully)

IMG_2777 (Large)

Fitting black rubber into the bonnet scoop (I wasn’t keen on cutting this out as the engine didn’t need it and it would let all kinds of rubbish in when driven)

IMG_2790 (Large)

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January Update

Key activities this month have included:

Tidying up the engine bay (looks a lot better now)

IMG_2736 (Large)

Fitting the rear nudge barsIMG_2743 (Large)

IMG_2747 (Large)Fitting the seats

IMG_2748 (Large)Fitting the mesh across the front openings

IMG_2755 (Large) IMG_2757 (Large)

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And here is the car actually running.

Here is the sound of the Cobra running on the key. Turn up the speakers and enjoy the noise!!

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December Update

Cracking on now to try and make some real progress on the car so that it can go back to GD for IVA and some final fitting out stuff.

Engraving a plate for the dashboard labels (I would definitely recommend when getting engraving done. I was so impressed with the clarity of the writing compared to the original plate that I’ve also asked them to laser engrave the symbols on the steering shroud so that they are also of a similar level of clarity)

Fitting the engine relay and fuse box

Fitting the cigarette lighter and usb interface (for charging accessories)

Final fitting of the dashboard and dash undertrays

Testing all of the electrics

That’s right it runs

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November Update

Continued working on the car before the weather turned. Took full advantage of the nice sunny and warm weather whilst we still could. Work completed:

Fitted ECU behind the dashboard




Fitted steering wheel shroud for the first time

Final fit of the windscreen (required some shims as the bar behind the dash was 1/2 inch too short to fit without)

Trial fitted the seat runners (Unfortunately they didn’t fit because the pitch of the bolts has changed from that previously used by GD). I’ll have to fit a new rivnut into the seat and drill a new hole in the floor.

Fitted the heater hoses.

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