May 2016 – It’s getting warmer so its time to play with Cobie again.

We’ve now started to try and sort out the car ready for the next year. Key topics are:

Front Suspension – There is definitely some movement up front. You can occasionally hear a knocking sound that is worrying and the suspension creaks when under compression. It would now appear that the front suspension has a small amount of forward and rear travel and that is what is causing the problem with the knocking. Problem is that getting the pins out to remove the wishbones is not at all easy now. A jag specialist had the car in for 2 days and couldn’t work out how to do it (not sure why – especially as looking at it cost a fortune!). The creaking appears to be coming from the top wishbone due to wrong greasing. CFS motors really didn’t do a good job with the reconditioning here.

Rear differential – Main problem here is that CFS Motors didn’t build the diff properly when reconditioning. Oil leak from the left hand side has left oil on the discs that causes a bit of a noise when you are on the brakes (annoying and something that needs fixing). All of the other joints on the rear have small movement which is just indicative of a really poor job. 2 garages have told me that the work is below standard and should be redone.

The other issue is with a leaky damper on the right side. In order to continue using the car I’ve had to order a new unit from GD and then swap it over. Top marks for getting that to me quickly. Fitting it was a bit of a hassle as you also need to loosen the roll bar in order to be able to get the fixing pin back in. Took a lot longer than planned

IMG_4513 (Large)

Engine – Still Hesitating on WOT. We have now rewired the fuel pump, changed fuel pipe, changed fuel regulator, run a high capacity electric line and relay and confirmed that the fuel at the rail is now a solid 58psi. Voltage at the pump is now around 13volts which is good.

Injectors have also been changed but with no luck. Still trying to change out things to solve the problem. Here is the trace of the problem (Thanks to Paul from Wortec).

Next plan is to change the line to the main fuse board so that it gets a clean full voltage feed from the battery.hesitation

Niggles – Fixed the problems with the fog lamp not illuminating and the wipers not parking. Turned out to be a loose connection on the link between the dash wiring and the main bundle. Only the 2nd heater setting to fix now.

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