Finishing the boot.

Time has come to tidy up the boot and get it ready for the trip to Spain in a few weeks time. We decided to box in the tank and the pump assembly to give us some sound insulation and prevent anything from damaging either item. First order of business was to mark out a pattern of the boot shape using paper .

IMG_3384 (Large)

IMG_3393 (Large)

We then transferred this to the wood and cut it out (The wood was actually the last remaining part of the crate that the engine was delivered in – more recycling). This car is very environmentally friendly!

IMG_3398 (Large)

IMG_3401 (Large)And now fitting the boards into the boot.

IMG_3386 (Large)

IMG_3387 (Large)In case we need to replace or remove the differential at any point we’ve made the top section in three segments. This will enable us to remove the centre section fairly easily and get to the bolts securing the diff. Useful for when I upgrade to a Quaife!

IMG_3402 (Large)

We then had the problem of how to deal with the area behind the roll bars – definitely didn’t want to take those out to fit the boot. What we did was make up some sheet aluminium and use this to fit behind the bars so that the carpet has some support.

IMG_3408 (Large)

And the finished article

IMG_3410 (Large)IMG_3404 (Large)And then it was just down to boxing in the fuel pumpIMG_3411 (Large)

IMG_3412 (Large)

 IMG_3416 (Large)

Now only the carpet to go and after a slow start I was amazed when the majority came together in a single day. Lot of measuring to start with…..

IMG_0544 (Large)Using tape to protect the carpet from the glue.    IMG_0548 (Large)IMG_3422 (Large)We again didn’t remove the roll hoops to fit the carpet. Instead we cut some neat slots to fit the roll bar. Using pins to identify the location of the holes, we cut around 40mm and 30mm holesaw attachments with scissors.   If you zoom in on the photo below you can just about see the pins.  These were pushed through from the top of the carpet when it was trial fitted.IMG_0539 (Large)

And here is the final boot trimmed. Overall really pleased with the finish that we’ve managed to achieve.

IMG_0552 (Large)IMG_0553 (Large) IMG_0550 (Large)


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