July Update 1 – Tuning

Focus this month was on getting the Cobra properly tuned and then properly running it in.

Tuning. We took the car to Paul Spink who had a good set up for tuning the car. We managed to deal with several issues including: Making sure that the car was not running rich in all gears, making sure that th   e stomp compensation in 3rd didn’t interfere with acceleration and changing the sensitivity of the throttle pedal. All in all this did really help with the driveability of the car. Unfortunately there seems to be a fuelling issue that is causing the car to hesitate in 1st and 2nd gear on wide open throttle. Need to sort that quickly.

Cobie – ready for the tuning experienceIMAG0231 (Large)

High sensitivity O2 sensor for calibrationIMAG0220 (Large)

Getting the computer set upIMAG0221 (Large)

Link to the OBD2 port (Should have mounted that inside the car!)

IMAG0222 (Large)

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