End of June update

Fitting the side Screens

Having got the hood fitted we’ve now focussed on getting the side screens sorted. We didn’t have any of the proper tools that we’ve seen on other blogs so we made do with what we had (a wood saw and a Powerfile). The results were surprisingly good.

IMG_3294 (Large)

IMG_3298 (Large)IMG_0160 (Large)

Travelling up to GD for some final checks

Having spent 4 years and received countless boxes it was time to take the finished article back up to GD to show them what I’d made. Both Meena and Andy really liked the period looks of the car and after a short test drive Andy commented that his only concern was that the clock was wrong! Whilst up there Andy did instruct me on how to sort out carbon repairs by treating the front wing damage that was caused by not filing back the lip of the wheel arch enough.

IMAG0197 IMAG0196 IMAG0192

Travelling to Kettering to show the family

Took the car back up to home to show everyone what we’d been working on for so long. Everyone was very complimentary on the car and seemed impressed that we’d built it. Lots of opportunity for taking people out and about (and a bit of showing off). Only slight problem I encountered was that one of the injector/coil fuses blew. It should have been a 15A according to the original donor car but I’d used a 3A. The AA man who turned up with the fuses was also pretty impressed with the car! Despite the rain it was a great weekend and it certainly gave Dad and I a good practice at getting the soft top up and fitted.


Fixing the side catches and tie towns for Hood

One of the annoyances with the motorway and fast dual carriageways was that the catches on the windows were pulled out from there securing points. I spoke to Andy about this and this is apparently a known issue. Soon solved the problem by extending the catches using a 2 inch piece of 1mm Stainless bar! We’ve also now got some fine Velcro straps so that we can tie the hood down in the “touring” position. These really speed up the process of getting waterproof – from 10 minutes to around 60 seconds!

IMG_0532 (Large) IMG_0531 (Large) IMG_0530 (Large) IMG_0529 (Large)

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