Getting ready to mount the engine

Once we’ve got the wiring loom back onto the engine all that remains is for us to get the engine into the chassis. For that reason I’ve been trying to work out how we are going to mount the engine mount onto the engine. Here is an image of a trial fitting. Despite looking at the manual and other build sites I can’t see which way the mounts need to fit. I’ve also encountered a bit a of a problem in┬áthat the aluminium plates appear to be the competition versions. This means that the engine mounting rubbers do not fit square onto the aluminium plates. Here is an image of how I think the mounts should fit (it might be backwards)


and here is an image of the rubber/ auminium mount (which illustrates how the 2 don’t fit together). You can see the scratches on the aluminium where I have tried to trial fit the two together. According to GD they normally use a milling machine to cut a slot into the aluminium plate to mount the rubber bush. I’ve tried to replicate this with a Dremel but unfortunately without success.

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