Taking off the wiring loom

In order to get the engine running I need to do a bit of re-wiring of the loom. Not really sure what I’m doing here but Andy at GD has given me the numbers of a couple of people to speak to. As a default I think that we have to take the conduit off and then remove any connectors that don’t attach to the engine, ECU or throttle assembly. The important thing is to know what connectors are needed so I’ve photographed and labelled all the connectors in red as they’ve come off (so I know where they go back) and any spare connectors are in Blue.

Need to be very careful with this near the wiring loom!

Not sure that I put this much leverage into removing the loom!

Here is the engine now that everything has been removed

And here is the record of everything that has been disconnected from the engine:

And here is the wiring loom out the vehicle. Slightly worried now!





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