Ancillaries off the engine

I’m taking advantage of the fact that the motorbikes are now out of the garage (thanks to Margaret and Peter for letting us put them in our garage) to do some work on the front of the engine. Key activity today has been to remove the ancillaries from the engine and the serpentine belts from the system. The engine looks very different now!

BEFORE                                                                AFTER


Hopefully I don’t need these bits:-)

Power steering pump                                          Engine cover and air conditioning unit


When you are taking an engine apart the thing can sometimes fight back. See what it did to my spanner!


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One Response to Ancillaries off the engine

  1. Uncle Tony says:

    Have been browsing your website with much interest and admiration Mark and Jane,
    look forward to more postings as you proceed, what a great project! Good luck.


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