Buying the engine and gearbox

Well I’ve now made the jump and purchased my engine and gearbox package in USA. It should be out of the car ready for pick up next Tuesday. From there I’ll get UPS to air freight it to me. The engine I’ve chosen is an LS6 engine (405hp) and T56 Transmission. The rationale is that the LS6 appears to provide oil to critical areas better under lateral loads compared to the LS1 and LS2. The LS2 and LS6 seemed to be about the same price from vendors. Video and pictures to be posted soon.

I bought the engine from Cleveland Pick a Part and to date thay have provided a very good service. The chap that I’ve spoken to there is Gus Markou. Special thanks also to Nathan Anderson (who has bought from Pick a Part before) and who took the time to talk me through his experiences.

I did need to transfer money to the states. Instead of using the Bank (which tried to charge a 5% fee) I used ClearFX who provided a quick, cheap service with exceptional customer service. I would use them again.

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