Steering rack fitting and bump steer adjustment

This was the one bit that I’ve really not been looking forward to. On the video it shows how you’ve got to use broken hacksaw blades to raise and lower the rack to correct bump steer and then use this as a guide to fabricate shims. The design of the chassis has changed for the better and it now couldn’t be easier to set up the steering. You can see that the mounts are on angled mounts that can be slid up and down to adjust height.

Whilst it was easy to set we spent a long time following the process in the manual ensuring that wheels were aligned throughout the range of travel. I’ve now ordered a laser level so that I can copy one of the other techniques that I found on another cobra build site. The level turned out to be only £10 from Toolstation. It’s also got a magnetic base so that it will self attach to the disc.




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