Building and fitting the front hubs

I’ve been busy over the last 2 weeks. I’ve managed to spend a good three or four days on the car. I’ve now completed the rolling chassis and am updating the blog so that it keeps up!

The first thing that I was keen to do is build and fit the front hubs. This involved disconnecting the hub units that I received from CFS and changing the steering arm for the GD supplied version. This was a fairly straightforward process once you’ve got the right bolts sorted. Be aware that there is a front hub bolt supplied in the bolt pack but its not obvious (If you look at the bolt head there are different markings) . I’d accidentally already used one of these to connect the rear suspension. After a bit of rebuilding I retrieved the bolt and everything fitted together fine.

You can see the finished hub now in place. One of bolts in the supplied pack did seem a bit long when I put the unit together. What I’ve now done is put a number of washers on top of the steering arm so that it holds the arm firmly in place.

Before you put the huib in place you need the top wishbone to be fitted. There are some spacers between the top wishbone mounting and the chassis. Initially I set this spacer at .25 inch as reccomended in the GD manual. Because I didn’t have enough spaces I actually used washers and used a digital vernier calliper to get the correct width settings. We used a jack to hold the hub in position whilst we set the camber using a spirit level. Unfortunatley I don’t have a picture of the arrangement of clamps and spirit levels that we used to do this. After much adding and removing of shims (took ages) we settled on 0.25 inch for the right of the car and just over this for the left. This gave us plumb readings. Here is a picture of the shims once finished:

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