First afternoon building the car

Completed the first afternoon working on the car. The chassis fitted with the differential well. There was a bit more pulling and pushing than was indicated on the demonstration video but we got there in the end! The photo below shows the chassis, fitted to the differential with the shocks fitted. There have been a few issues fitting the shocks and I’m going to email Andy to find out whether I’ve assembled these components correctly.

The top mounting bracket on the shock absorber is much smaller than that shown on the video (Having spoken to Andy this is due to the frame being made to cope with a variety of different shocks). It does, however, mean that there is quite a lot of movement of the shock absorbers between the lugs mounted on the chassis. In order to remove the free play I’ve used washers from the bolt pack as shown below (Andy has now confirmed that this is correct):

The washer supplied as part of the donor parts from the Jaguar is too large to fit snugly against the shock absorber. My solution is to remove the washer and just use the nyloc nut as shown below:

And not to forget the all important signing of the chassis! Hopefully this will be visible once the engine is in and the car is constructed.

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